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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fun, Faith and Frivolities

If I was really organized this would read : Faith, Frivolities and Fun. But, Fun, Faith and Frivolities sounds better. Really. Try it.It really does roll off the tongue easier and easier to hear. Not sure why that is so, if it may be because you move from short to long and longer or from single syllables to multiples at the end, but this is how it is here.

Now, wasn't that fun?

If you have fun, you almost have to have faith. Faith that whatever you are doing for fun will turn out well. The guys in the picture have faith that they can do this juggling thing. And even though they might not do it the fun was in the trying. The having faith that nothing bad would happen and they would live to laugh another day.

Frivolities can come in all sorts of ways. I just spent time laughing at the frivolities of getting the picture on this page to where it is. It moved all over for me and we finally came to an agreement to this spot.

Image result for funAs we age, fun, faith and frivolities vary and change. We no longer try to juggle everything in our lives. We learn that we can juggle three things, and then drop one and pick another one to join the two still in the air. When we were younger, we thought that all we did had to be kept in the air at all times. With age wisdom really does come, sometimes.

With that thought, go have fun and frivolities with some faith.


  1. ...sometimes...
    I think you're giving me credit for being much wiser than I actually am...
    I'm really just aging grumpily...
    Wendy at Wendy of The Rock

  2. Sometimes, we all grumily aging. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

  3. Fun, frivolities, and faith? I like that. It's a good approach.