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Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Over the Rainbow

I love the song Over the Rainbow. Somewhere where the birds fly.
Are there days when that is all you want to do is fly away? It could be over the rainbow, or heck, just the next county. Just a way for a while.
Aging makes you want to fly back in time, when things were simpler. No doctors to visit, no kids who hound you to move closer, or just to feel needed. It is way easier to deal with "Mom, what's for dinner?" than it is with, " Mom, what we will do with the table that seats twelve now that we have room only for a two seater?"
You just don't want to deal.
When that happens, take out your ipod and program in Judy Garland singing " Over the Rainbow" and join her there.



  1. My husband and I are working on downsizing and looking forward to it. As our children get older, we worry about different things for them. Relationships, their financial security....

  2. Stella, I love that song...whether it's Judy or Iz singing it. :-)