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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xylophone

When I came to the X I had no idea what word to choose. My husband suggested xylophone and I went with it. Now, trying to fit that into aging. Aging can be like a xylophone because we can age one note at a time or four notes at a time. If you have ever watched anyone play a xylophone, you know they can use one or more mallets at a time. It takes a real touch to use more than two. You have to know how to handle them so that you don't hit an additional note that you didn't intend to. Playing with only two mallets is pretty easy. Playing with four, takes practice. As we age we get practice. Perhaps, the word I should use here is mature rather than aging. Aging brings to mind what we can no longer do, and maturity gives you a beautiful lady with wise sayings and happy smiles. We will go with that. As a xylophone player you practice to become that beautiful lady who can hit those notes with finesse and style.
Some of just bang the dang thing.
Especially aging. I don't like it some days, but the alternative is less attractive. Some days I am the beautiful lady and some days I just bang the dang thing.


  1. Awesome analogy! I know what you mean about the different attitudes. Best wishes! And thank you for visiting me at during this A to Z blog challenge.

  2. Great analogy, especially with the different attitudes that we bring to play. :)