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Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quest

If ever there were a word that describes aging it would be
quest. You are on a quest from the day you are born. That quest would be to become YOU. You are unique and the only one like you. Whether you are young or old.
This quest takes us from baby to adulthood. And adulthood spans the ages of teens to whenever you die.
It is a wild ride and is best if enjoyed to the fullest.
We can  whine about not being able to do at 60 what we did at  20, or we can do the most we can at whatever age. At 20 you couldn't get into the early bird café specials. You can at  60. At 60 you can't run the mile in the same time you could at 20, but who cares? You don't need to be there that quick.
Go and enjoy a stroll rather than a sprint.      Image result for you            

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  1. I agree that we are always seeking something during our lifetime.