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Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dancing in the Dark

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Aging can be a bit like dancing in the dark: You know the terrain, you feel the beat and you know how you should move to it. It is different from dancing in the light,in the light you can see the shadows and the variances, in the dark you FEEL the differences.
Sometimes, not soon enough. You may stumble. You may
 fall and fail as much when older as we do when young, but everyone thinks you should know better. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.This terrain is as new to us as it was when we were fourteen and learning how to deal with a body that was lengthening and changing. Now, it is shortening and changing. You try things to see what you can do. Discovering what your body can do is fun.

Image result for older dancersOkay, maybe I can't do this, but it never hurts to try, just make sure you have spotters just out of camera range.

And that is really the answer to growing aged gracefully. Being willing to try. Trying to dance in the dark. Not knowing what you may find and being willing to try anyway.


  1. Most life experiences and stages are dancing in the dark. I'm writing right now, fueling my dream of becoming a published author some day but even with all the research I'm doing, following along other authors' blog, social media feeds, etc.

    I'm "dancing through the dark" with every story not sure if this will be the one or not. And I won't really know what the publication process will be like until I'm in the middle of it myself. :)

    Life should be all about trying, asking, making mistakes, smiling, laughing, dancing... ^^ Thanks for another insightful post, Stella.

    1. Hana, you are right, it is "dancing in the dark" when we follow our dreams. May all yours come true with your writing. It is not easy, but no one ever said it would be. If you are doing what you love, then work is fun. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I'm always stubbing my toe on Life... and I'm a big sook!