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Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for knowledge


Knowledge is an ongoing gathering thing. It includes knowing how to walk, talk and run.
It also includes knowing where to go to find the knowledge. Which school is best for the knowledge you need as you go out into the world. Which person can support you in your thirst for knowledge.

As you age, the knowledge you need is sometimes only found in other people, not books or the internet. How does it feel to be old? No one wants to admit they know this. We don't want to admit how it feels, because we never get there.

Old is someplace we don't admit to being. That is someone else who is old. Not me.

Aging is something we all do. It can be fun. And you take your fun where you find it. You take your knowledge where you can get it, too.

It comes from experience. You learn you are excited that you went under the limbo bar. Never mind that it was only two inches below your eyebrow, and you only had to tip your head to get under it.

Go out and experience something to gain knowledge. Get the knowledge to do the current dance.

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Like the guy above, fill your head with knowledge, and then you have an excuse when you forget something.

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