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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Babies are always a popular thing to talk about or write about.

I birthed three babies and they have each birthed some of their own.

It is always a happy event when you find you are having a baby or your baby is having a baby.

You wait in high anticipation for the birth and the growing of the baby. You plan, and plan. Then the baby comes and they have their own plans. They don't like to sleep at night.

You do.

It sets up as a battle of wills. You figure you are bigger, you win.

They are smaller and louder. They win.

Then they walk. Yea! Now you don't have to carry them everywhere. They can go anywhere.
And they do. Whether you are there or not, they go.

Then they drive. Yea! No more late night waits at the school after basketball games.

Now, there are late night waits at home, with frown on face and grudge in heart.
Then they call and there is a problem. The car ran out of gas. You take the gas can and go find them and get them home.

Home. Where you will ground them and not worry about anymore late nights. Ever. You will lock them up and home school them until they are 25.

Two days later of home schooling, meaning you got their homework from teacher and you tell them you will gladly take them and pick them up from school. And no, they may not have their iPhone back.

Two days later....they have the iPhone and the car.

A year later, they are packing to go off to college.

Two years later, they are back. For the summer.

Two years and graduation.

Home for a while till they get a job.

And now you retire and they work.

" Mom, where are you going?"

" Out."

And that is babies.


  1. I loved that, and also fear some of it. The first parts I completely relate to as so far they are accurate for me too, but my girls don't yet drive or work so I fear your words as I'm sure they are my prediction to come. However, the last is good, reassuring and good.

    1. Maybe you should anticipate instead of fear, they are related. The thing is enjoy all of it. It is gone too soon, sometimes.

  2. hey there. i'm one of tina's minions. just checking in.

    i love how you ended this post. perfect. :]

  3. I can relate to this, though not as a mother, but as a child.
    I enjoyed reading your excellent post.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed it.