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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Under the Roof

Our house has a roof overhang over the front walkway. It makes it very nice when the weather is dripping and you need to walk from drive to door.

We use it to hang our hummingbird feeder, wind chimes, Christmas lights and flowers.
Nesting birds.
I have a spider plant, some call them airplane plants, that we usually hang up for the growing season and it looks very pretty and adds a springtime look to the front of the house.

We love it.

So do the birds.
 Two years ago hubby hung it out for the season. It was very pretty.

He noticed some activity in it one morning. It was a bird checking it out. The next morning more activity. They were building a nest. Not in his plant they weren't. He chased them away.

Later the same day, while he was gone, they moved back in.

Next morning, tear it out.

Build it back.

He had had enough.
He got some netting we had left from a previous project. He wrapped the netting around the plant, being careful not to hurt the plant.

The next morning the birds were ensconced in the plant. They had found a parting of the upper and lower pieces of netting.

These guys were not giving up. Either of them.

While the birds were out, he tore up the nest, it was really just some grass, and sewed the netting together.

We found the birds hanging on the brick in front our window looking at us.
 A long time.

They tried and tried to get back in. They couldn't.
 Husband was happy.

Two days later we went out the back door to the patio, guessed it. They had set up shop over a light. They got to stay there. This time.

Now, we shall see if they return.

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