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Monday, April 21, 2014


Relief that Easter is over. I know. I know, Easter is never over, but the annual celebration is now done. It seems that as a Christian, a Lutheran, it gets to be hectic near and on the annual celebrations of the events of the life of Christ.

Meaning, Christmas and Easter. There are other minor holidays that we celebrate well, but these two have been taken over by the whole world and stores are full of Christmas and Easter items months before the event. The church celebrates with song, scripture and drama and Holy week is packed. You add in personal celebrations and it gets very hectic.

So, when Easter Monday comes, you really do feel relief. Now, you can continue with spreading the Easter message and still take time to put your feet up and breathe deeply.

My relief that Easter has happened is not just happiness that the pace will slow a little, but that the Christ has indeed risen and my eternity is finalized.

Happy Easter.


  1. You are certainly not the only one, Stella! Sometimes celebrating the festivals gets in the way of spreading the message. ;-)

  2. Enjoyed this. There's a fine line between the rapture of celebration and the solitude by which one can feel and savor it. Hope you enjoy the peace of the day after.