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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Z words are fun and full of frolic and life. I looked them up in my thesaurus and there weren't many, as how could you find alternatives for zed and zoo? I know there are a few, but in the thesaurus there weren't many.
There was zeal, zealous, zenith, zero, zest, zigzag and zone.
You could reach your zenith with zeal. Wind up with a zero as you zigzag through school zones or do all that on a:

Zebra: I watch them with zeal as they roam in their zone at the zoo.

I love words and plays on them, and I really do love zebras. They are like horses, but unlike horses. They are silly and fun to watch tossing their short, brushy manes and nibbling at the grass.

What would it be like to ride a zebra? Are they as controllable as horses? Can you tame them?

What a kick that would be to run free over the African plain with the wind in your hair and the brush of his mane on your face as you lean forward to make him go faster, faster.

May your day be filled with zeal and love of the joy in life.

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