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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Xylophones have intrigued me since I saw Lionel Hampton play one on television. He made it look easy and it sounded wonderful. Like church chimes. I never knew how he could play as much music as he could without looking at it, but he did. He kept up his end of the piece.

I thought I could play one. I thought I could do anything I set my mind to do.

What I forgot was that I am basically lazy. By that I mean, if I try something, and try it for a while, I will usually find that it is way more work than I want to produce the effect that I do. I want to be Lionel and only practice once a week. For a half hour. Or less. And maybe only every other week.

I have found musical things I can do that takes less practice to produce the effect that I want. Being good is just fine with me. I play hand bells and I sing in the choir.

But, man, I wish I could like Lionel.


  1. 'X' food one. What do you have planned for 'Y'?

  2. Stella, you crack me up with your self-effacing humor. This was a great place to start reading X posts. Snickering...

  3. Tonia, you make me giggle that you enjoy my weird humor.