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Friday, April 4, 2014

D Words

Do you know how many 'd' words there are when you try to pick one to write about?

There is drivel.  Which can be nothing or drool. Nothing if you are being silly and drool if you are smelling a really divine meal.

Dash. Means to shatter, or run, or bespatter, which is to throw roughly such as paint on canvas or water from a spill.

Dash. Hum. Yesterday I spent some time with a friend shopping, dining and chatting. During all this we had to dash. Very quickly because a rainstorm came up while we were shopping for some of our favorite things and had gotten caught up in conversation over our mutual love: card making, with the person at the store.

It banged and drenched the world with water.
It was still drenching when we left, so we had
 to dash when it was less threatening.

We dashed and discovered she had left her window down more than normal.
We now had to dash the water from her seat with whatever we had at hand.


Enjoy. I have to dash.  


  1. Stella, these are fun! I like the free associative feeling but appreciate all of the connections that you still make. What a wonderful rainstorm! I've been loving rain this week!

  2. chiasticmusings, thank you for stopping by. It was a great storm.