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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Valleys are the low point between two high points. There have been valleys of despair in my life and mountains of very high points.

Valleys can be the prettiest part of the journey. When you come over a hill and see the gently sloping sides that go down to the valley where the green grass is thick and beautiful, you know you are at the end of the journey.

In the valleys are where the grass is thickest and the flowers the most beautiful. The stream splits the valley and the trees grow well near the water.

We sometimes feel like the valley is the low point, rather than a beautiful ending to a journey.

In stories of pioneers, they feel a sweet, sweet relief when they have climbed the mountain, and the valley is there to greet them with shade, grass and water.

It usually is not the end of the journey, but the pause that refreshes so that they may carry on to the end.

And so this should also be a pause, before we get to the end of the journey of the alphabet and our April challenge.


  1. Nice. I would never have thought of the humble valley even though I live in one. Love how you make me notice things. Thanks.

  2. I shall try and comment again as for some reason I failed this morning due to my own levels of incompetency I'm sure :-( Just wanted to say Stella I enjoyed your post and it gave me a fresh perspective on valleys. I guess life has it's ups and downs too and sometimes when we're in the valley it can feel maybe a little dull but like you say this can be our time to refresh ourselves for the onward trip. Thanks for sharing.