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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Music, Music, Music

When I was growing up my parents ran a restaurant and I knew most of the songs of the day, even though I was only nine or so. I knew it because we had a nickelodeon. A record player, not the cable show. You would put a nickel in and pick a tune by number and it would play.

I got to the M in my A to Z challenge and it was natural to pick music.

The title comes from an old song of the 50s by Teresa Brewer and the lyrics are:

                                            Put another nickel in
                                            in the nickelodeon
                                         All I want is having you
                                         And music, music, music

The song played over and over on our nickelodeon. It had a peppy tune and made me feel happy.

Music has always been a part of my life, whether through the nickelodeon at the restaurant or home
from the piano my mother played by ear.

As I got older I sang in the choir in grade school and then when I was home I would listen on the radio to music. This was before we had a lot of talk radio, but we had DJs who would talk about the singers and the songs.

After I was married I still listened to the radio and my records.

Then we had children and I sang lullabies and silly songs.

Now, I play hand bells and sing in the choir at church.

And, finally, the birds are singing because it is spring.

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