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Thursday, April 10, 2014


When I was thinking of what to post for I day, I came up with several and have landed on impossible.
So much seems impossible when we contemplate it.

It brings to mind the Bible verse; With God all things are possible. That is Luke talking. I don't always listen. I know that, from my Bible reading that all things are possible with God. But, if I am invited to go hiking with a friend, I know that heights are not comfortably possible for me. By that I mean that in my head there is a little person jumping up and down screaming, " Are you nuts? That's a TOWER you talking about hiking to and climbing. Do you know how tall it is? It's TALL."

On the other hand I see Jesus saying, " I am here come to me". If I listen, I know he will take care of me, even if I fall he will catch me.

So, I climb the tower. The view of downtown Branson, is gorgeous and lets you see that we really live on a mountain and the roads go round and round.

Deep water is something I am still trying to trust to swim in. I have managed to trust in a boat, but when deep water calls, I think, where are the stepping stones? Again, Jesus says "Come" and when I don't I hear, " oh ye of little faith". My faith is getting stronger, and I know he won't turn from me, so I will plug on to the impossible, knowing that they are possible in Jesus.

Come on along to the impossible that is possible.

As I re-read this is may appear that it is more about possible than impossible, but it about doing the impossible because of my faith.

So, as I said before, come on along for the trip from impossible to possible.


  1. That is the irony; to understand what is possible, we must come to terms with our view of the impossible. Love this. As I prepare to begin moving today, this was a nice break for me, gearing up emotionally for the physically demanding task at hand. Thank you for sharing your take on the Impossible. One moment at a time, I will be able to get this job done.

  2. I agree the impossible is possible with God!
    Sharon at